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Here to start difficult conversations,

which shouldn't be difficult 

Resistance of our Generation


Starting difficult conversations which shouldn't be difficult.


Deconstructing societal norms and providing a platform to amplify the voices of the minority community

Image by Rishabh Sharma

Resistance of our Generation writers, write everything ranging from articles to opinion eds to analytical pieces. 


These include pieces of art and literature sent by you. Anybody and everybody can become a guest writer and use this platform to voice your opinions. 

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We hope to keep taking part in projects and releasing new campaigns to bring about a positive change. 


Resistance of our Generation is a culmination of what meant the most to us- social advocacy and fighting against injustice. We began brainstorming in April, with zoom calls and late night conversations and then we launched early May.








Our organisation now stands to spread awareness on various social issues with a special emphasis on gender and also work towards upliftment of women and non binary folk from the marginalized communities. Over the span of 2 months have spoken up about  various taboos and issues from across the globe. Each month we take up a specific theme and explore the various perspectives in that.

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Follow our Instagram @resofourgen for daily

Follow our Instagram @resofourgen for daily updates!

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